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We are a couple of guys sent out on a mission from GOD. We got a half pack of smokes a full tank of gas, it's dark and where wearing sunglasses.The mission to build and maintain your vehicle (and our own) to kick as much tail as the law allows. And mabey a little more. We are ASE certified with many years experience. Based in the Beloit region of Wisconsin ,mmmm cheese, we want help you out. Come see what we've done and what we have coming in the future.

Our newest toy is a 2009 Challenger R/T

 Project Scat Dak is sold sorry to say.  It brought home a 2nd place trophy in the truck catagory, & also stole the show in last years burnout contest.  Our 1968 Fury  project is coming along good.  The 66 Dart is getting the drivetrain mocked up currently.  Our 71 Duster's  435 c.i.d. small block stroker is going together now.  We've currently been busy with customer's rides.  We installed a GS Motorsports supercharger kit on a customers Cherokee SRT-8.  The early kits for this application have alot to be desired, to say the least!

Go to our picture pages to see what we're up to.  We'll try to keep them current as time & life allows.


Redeye Racing-Projects under construction:

1971 Plymouth Duster: Hemi orange. 435 in. stroker small block. Stage 2 aluminum Edelbrock heads. Keisler 5 speed. Dana 60 rear. in progress, more to come.

2009 Challenger R/T: Mopar C.A.I. Carbon fiber stripes. Mopar sill guards.  more as money allows!

1996 Neon:  R4 red, 2.4L conversion, MSD coil, custom exhaust, custom hood & fascia, underdrive pulley, SRT-4 shifter, Autometer gauges, aluminum flywheel, performance gold series clutch, Phantom grip, performance C.V. axles, all polyurethane front suspension bushings.

1989 Grand Fury ex state patrol:  360 Magnum conversion, big-o bumpstick, aluminum 4bbl, duals, 3:91 sure grip, B&M trans w/ shift kit, 275/60/15 rear, 245/60/15 front, 150 hp shot of the good 'ol giggly stuff. The blues brothers never had it as good as this!

1989 Ramcharger:  Hemi orange, dual snorkel scoop, 4" suspension lift, 33" meats

2005 SRT-4 ACR:  Mopar Performance blow off valve conversion kit, more to come.

1968 Plymouth Fury:  B5 blue, 446 c.i.d, 727 trans., 8 3/4 rear w/ 3:91 sure grip, super stock leaf springs, pinion snubber, thermal coated headers, custom stainless dual exhaust, 4 wheel disc brake conversion, MSD ignition, Dual quad intake, 915 heads w/ hardened seats. 17" American Racing rims. more to come

1966 Dart G/T:  451 c.i.d., 727 trans w/ Mopar Performance race kit & shift kit, 8 3/4 rear w/ 3:91 sure grip, super stock leaf springs, pinion snubber. more to come.

1967 Valiant:  170 c.i.d. slant 6, 50,000 original miles, great cruiser. more to come.


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